International Shipping and Orders

International Shipping and Customs Policy

Duties and Taxes:

Apex Gaming PCs informs all international customers that duties and taxes incurred on shipments outside of the United States are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Effective 05/23/2024 Apex Gaming PCs will collect and remit applicable taxes and import duties on all orders shipped outside of the US. The amount of taxes and import duties collected will be calculated based on the destination country's tax laws and regulations.The total amount of taxes and import duties will be clearly displayed at the checkout before the customer completes their purchase.

These charges must be settled directly with the shipping provider (UPS, FedEx, USPS, or DHL) if you are within the Acension Islands, Brazil, BVI, British Indian Ocean Territory, Cape Verde, Falkland Islands, French Sothern Territories, Guernsey, Heard & McDonald Islands, Iraq, Jersey, Libya, Mayotte, Netherland Antilles, Niue, North Korea, Pitcairn Islands, Russia, Saint Martin, Sao Tome, Somalia, South Sudan, St. Helena, St Pierre, Sudan, Svalbard, Syria, Timor, Tokelau, Tristan de Cunha, Turkmenistan, Turks & Caicos, Tuvalu, Vatican City, Wallis, or Western Sahara. Failure to promptly pay these fees may result in delivery delays. It is important to note that all payments related to duties and taxes must be made directly to the shipping provider and cannot be processed by Apex Gaming PCs. The purchase price and shipping fees quoted for all PCs exclude any applicable taxes or duties that may be owed by the customer.

Shipment Tracking and Customs Fees:

Upon dispatch, Apex Gaming PCs will notify customers via email, providing shipment tracking information to facilitate monitoring for potential duties and taxes. Should you require assistance on how to settle these charges, please contact for guidance.

In instances where shipments are detained due to outstanding customs fees, Apex Gaming PCs will endeavor to contact affected customers proactively, provided that UPS or the relevant shipping service shares this information, aiming to minimize any delays.

Responsibility for Unpaid Taxes and Duties:

Apex Gaming PCs will not assume liability for returns triggered by unpaid taxes or duties. Should a shipment be returned for this reason, a Restocking and Service Fee of 25% will be applied to the order total, and any costs associated with return shipping will be borne by the customer.

In the regrettable event that a shipment is destroyed by the shipping provider due to unsettled taxes or fees, Apex Gaming PCs cannot refund any payments made towards the PC.

Customers are strongly encouraged to actively track their shipments and ensure that all taxes and fees are paid promptly to facilitate smooth delivery.

Specific Policies for International Orders

Case Size Limitation:

Due to the prohibitive costs of shipping ATX-sized cases internationally (excluding Canada), Apex Gaming PCs restricts international shipments to mATX cases only. Should a customer desire shipment in an ATX case, they should be aware that shipping costs will increase by approximately $400 above the standard rate.

Apex Gaming PCs reserves the right to modify the case size to mATX dimensions (e.g., Manik Phantom II White) to accommodate international shipping constraints. However, the quality of components will not be compromised.

International Power Cord Policy:

All PCs, regardless of destination, are equipped with US power cables. Customers are advised to procure a suitable adapter to ensure compatibility with local power sources.

Monitor Shipping Policy:

Apex Gaming PCs is currently unable to facilitate the shipment of monitors to destinations outside of the United States. Orders placed from international locations that include monitors will have the monitor removed from the order, with a corresponding refund issued for the monitor's value.