Discover The Apex Kryptonite

The Apex Kryptonite gives you the ability to transform into a world of high-flying airplanes, massive battlefields, and millions of other scenarios so that you can focus on doing something you love.

The Apex Kryptonite is not just a PC, it is your portal into a world that makes you happier, and helps you forget about any stressors or challenges you may have.

At Apex Gaming PCs we don’t just build PCs, we enable you to create experiences so that you can forget about the world around you, and be happy. From Veterans with PTSD, gamers with nagging bosses, teens with ill parents, to children with cancer, we are proud to provide that tranquility. And for those of you who want to game professionally, stream, or even create content like your favorite YouTuber, our PCs are crafted to guide you to success.

The Apex Kryptonite comes standard with an AMD Ryzen 5 7700X, 16GB of RAM, and an RX 7900 XTX which creates a high-powered base for this high-tier gaming PC designed to handle up to a Ryzen 9 7950X and RTX 4090.

The photo shown includes all standard options, with a Asus ROG Maximus Crosshair Motherboard, RGB RAM, RGB Fans, Lian Li Uni Fans and Sleeved Blue Cables as selected additional cost options.

Designed By Apex
Powered By AMD
Office Ready
VR Ready

Apex Kryptonite

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Apex Kryptonite



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